• High resistance to the cut and abrasion.
  • Time doesn’t damage the surface.
  • Without polluting residues affecting the cooling system.
  • Welding splash resistant.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Silicon free.
4.225.915-B Hose 1/4″ PU color blue
4.235.915-B Hose 1/4″ PU color grey
4.215.915-B Hose 1/4″ PU color black
4.265.915-B Hose 1/4″ PU color red
4.245.915-B Hose 1/4″ PU color green
4.225.916-B Hose 3/8″ PU color blue
4.235.916-B Hose 3/8″ PU color grey
4.215.916-B Hose 3/8″ PU color black
4.265.916-B Hose 3/8″ PU color red
4.245.916-B Hose 3/8″ PU color green
4.225.917-B Hose 1/2″ PU color blue
4.235.917-B Hose 1/2″ PU color grey
4.215.917-B Hose 1/2″ PU color black
4.265.917-B Hose 1/2″ PU color red
4.245.917-B Hose 1/2″ PU color green
4.225.918-B Hose 5/8″ PU color blue
4.235.918-B Hose 5/8″ PU color grey
4.215.918-B Hose 5/8″ PU color black
4.265.918-B Hose 5/8″ PU color red
 4.245.918-B Hose 5/8″ PU color green
4.225.919-B Hose 3/4″ PU color blue
4.235.919-B Hose 3/4″ PU color grey
4.215.919-B Hose 3/4″ PU color black
4.265.919-B Hose 3/4″ PU color red
4.245.919-B Hose 3/4″ PU color green